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    This is the plano (non-prescription) version of this adapter. If you need prescription lenses, click here.

    Blue light is a part of visible light in the 380-500nm range. It can lead to unwanted degradation processes inside the eye.

    It's especially important in case of VR headsets, as your eyes are extremely close to the display.

    How it works?

    BLP allows the lens to reflect excess blue light, protecting your eyes.

    Lenses with BLP are more resistant to water, oils and static charge. Thanks to these features they're much easier to keep clean.

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High-quality plano lenses for VALVE Index.

No more glasses in VR!
Perfectly fitted and easy to use. Leave them installed or attach them when needed in a matter of seconds.
Please see the installation video below:

The Valve Index has an eye relief mechanism that lets you move the lenses very close to your face.
Please take into account that our adapters may touch your face if you will use the closest distance setting possible.
If you are experiencing any discomfort due to this, we recommend shifting the lenses slightly away. One, two steps should be enough and your field of view will still remain huge.

Before entering order, visit a licensed optician or check your prescription to get all the correct parameters for your lenses.
If you don’t know how to read your prescription, please see our Guide.
You’ll be always notified as soon as the products will be shipped.

The manufacturing time of lens adapters varies between 3-9 business days (we do our best to manufacture the adapters as quickly as possible, but due to the custom-made nature of prescription lenses, slight delays are always possible).

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