How to Read Your Eyeglass Prescription

The process of ordering prescription lenses may seem confusing at first, but there’s nothing to be afraid of.
Your prescription should look similar to the example below:

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Please see the picture below which shows how to enter the above prescription on the order page:

A plus sign (+) in front of your SPH number means you are farsighted and a minus (-) sign means you are nearsighted.
Attention: It is very important to enter the plus and minus signs correctly – just like on your prescription.

Pupillary Distance

Pupillary distance (PD) or interpupillary distance (IPD) is the distance measured in millimeters between the centers of the pupils of the eyes. PD is only required in case of the Rift S, Rift (CV1), Oculus GO and the Oculus Quest 2 Prescription Lens Adapters.

There are two types of PD measurements:
Binocular – PD is the total distance between your pupils (one number: around 50 to 70+mm)
Monocular – PD is the distance from the bridge of your nose to your pupil on each side (two numbers: around 30/30mm).

Binocular measurement is the default on the order page. To enter your PD in monocular measurement please check the “I have separate pupil distance measurement for each eye” box:
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High Index

A high index lens has a higher “index” of refraction. This means it has a greater ability to bend light rays to provide clear vision for people with stronger prescription. High index prescription lenses are often used to reduce lens thickness.

Our order page will automatically set high index lenses as mandatory if your prescription requires it. Otherwise it is optional. The index value depends on your prescription and is determined by our opticians (stronger prescriptions require higher index of refraction).

Blue Light Protection

Blue light is a part of visible light in the 380-500nm range and is emitted by monitors in VR devices. Exposure to a lot of blue light in the evenings and at night can disrupt the body clock, leading to poor sleep and effects on other body processes that depend on the body clock, such as digestion. The possibility of other effects is also being investigated.

It is common for a blue light blocking lenses to have a noticeable yellow or amber tint that block out all damaging light. Because these lenses block out 100 percent of the blue light, they also dramatically change the color of what you’re looking at, casting everything in a yellow tint.

We use a high quality blue light coatings, in which only a harmful portion of blue light spectrum is cut out. The yellow tint is still there, but it is very subtle and virtually unnoticeable.

Are contact lens and eyeglass prescriptions the same?

No, a glasses prescription is different to a contact lens prescription. Glasses sit slightly away from your eyes and contact lenses sit directly over your eye, so two different tests and measurements are required.
Please only use your eyeglass prescription for Lens Adapters.

Custom Order Inquiries

The Custom Order Inquiry pages has been temporary disabled due to the very high demand. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please check again soon!
We offer a wide range of prescriptions, but some of them need to be priced individually.
If your prescription is out of range of what we offer (or you require a prism correction), please fill one of our Custom Order Inquiry Pages:

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Oculus Quest 2
Oculus Rift S
Valve Index
Oculus Rift (CV1)
Samsung Odyssey/Odyssey+
Oculus GO
VIVE Cosmos

We’ll get back to you with the quote, as quickly as possible.

Please always double check your values and make sure that your prescription has been entered correctly before placing an order. If you are still unsure about anything regarding your prescription, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We will be happy to help!