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    Right eye

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    Pupil distance

    You can use the same PD you're using with your Rift. Otherwise, you can visit any licensed optician to check the numbers. 

    In case you have a PD number on your prescription and you have two numbers (like 30/31):

    • if they're below 40, that's right and left eye (right is first!) - select checkbox and put both numbers in correct fields
    • if they're above 40, use only the first number (the second one is for reading-only glasses)

    High index makes the lens thinner. This option is required for high SPH and CYL values.

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    High index makes the lens thinner. This option is required for high SPH and CYL values.

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    Blue light is a part of visible light in the 380-500nm range. It can lead to unwanted degradation processes inside the eye. 

    It's especially important in case of VR headsets, as your eyes are extremely close to the display. 

    How it works?

    BLP allows the lens to reflect excess blue light, protecting your eyes.

    Lenses with BLP are more resistant to water, oils and static charge. Thanks to these features they're much easier to keep clean. 

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Can’t wear glasses with Rift, but can’t see well without glasses? Your troubles are over!

Perfectly fitted and easy to use. Leave them installed for ease of use or attach them as needed in seconds.
High-quality prescription lenses. Both lenses and adapter are manufactured in Europe.

Visit a licensed optician or check your prescription to get all the correct parameters for your lenses.

Manufacturing time for prescription lenses adapters varies between 3-7 working days.
In case of custom orders manufacturing may take longer.
You’ll be notified as soon as the products will be shipped.

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