HP Reverb Prescription Lens Adapters


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High-quality prescription lenses for HP Reverb.

Perfectly fitted and easy to use. No more discomfort while wearing framed glasses under the headset.
Leave them installed or attach them when needed in a matter of seconds.


Yes, eye-tracking works. We conducted a lot of tests to find the best design for our adapters in terms of eye-tracking performance. In our tests, the adapters performed better than glasses, but of course, the best eye-tracking performance will always be when your pupils are completely uncovered.
It does seem counterintuitive. Glasses/Lens Adapters are important for a clear and sharp image because the lenses in VR headsets project images at a specific distance. In other words, your eyes behave as if they were looking into the distance.
Rodenstock. It's a German company that has been manufacturing lenses since 1877. They have a long-standing reputation for producing high-quality lenses and frames. Rodenstock's commitment to innovation and quality has made them a trusted name in the eyewear industry.
We have experience in many manufacturing technologies. For these adapters, we have opted to use 3D printing technology. This enables us to have full control over customizing the adapters to fit your prescription. Since everyone's prescription is different, the lens thickness varies as well. With 3D printing technology, we can ensure that your adapters protrude as little as possible, allowing you to achieve the largest FOV while still providing a small distance safety buffer between our lenses and the device. Thanks to 3D printing technology, we can customize your adapters for optimal performance, which will improve your comfort and immersion.
Please see our Guide. If you have any questions, let us know. We are always happy to help
Yes, perhaps you want to add a blue light filter, or maybe you just want to protect the lenses in your device from scratches. You can achieve this by ordering adapters with non-prescription lenses, also known as plano lenses.
The manufacturing time of lens adapters varies between 3-9 business days (we do our best to manufacture the adapters as quickly as possible, but due to the custom-made nature of prescription lenses, slight delays are always possible).

Before entering order, visit a licensed optician or check your prescription to get all the correct parameters for your lenses.
If you don’t know how to read your prescription, please see our Guide.
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